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No problems so far

Postby spilok » Sat Nov 29, 2003 7:52 am

Install went great. Have flown about a dozen different planes so far. Forces are superb. Tomorrow I'm going to experiment with "editing". As I've e-mailed you, Russell, the only thing I think seems to be missing is the continuous 'accumulation of aircraft" under the aircraft tab after I set them up individually in MSFS. The list does not update as aircraft are recognized as missing, and then added.
This is very minor and does not distract in any way to the enjoyment I've had all day with the program.
(Windows XP Professional, Dell 8250 2.8gig, and 1024 mg of Ram. ATI 9800 Pro Radeon, and Audigy2 soundcard... MSFF2 joystick).


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