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P3D V3.2

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:41 am
by RussDirks
LM has released P3D V3.2 update, which based on my testing has fixed the erratic control issue that some of you were experiencing. You can test this out by setting "Active=0" in the [InputRelay] section, re-do your axis assignments in P3D and then try a flight. If control input is normal, you can then just leave "Active=0", or delete the entire [InputRelay] section. If you still experience the erratic control input with V3.2, please let me know, and also post something on the LM forums so they know the issue is still active.

Another issue that LM has addressed is controller order numbering. This only applies to those of you using more than one flight controller, for example, a flight yoke and a trim wheel. With FS Force, you would normally configure your trim wheel in FSFORCE.CFG, with an entry something like ...

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where the joystick number was determined by the display order in USB Game Controllers. With P3D V3.2 this no longer applies. Rather, the controller order is determined from within P3D, under Settings / Controls ...


Set "Sort By" to Number, and then observe the controller number in the "Controller Type" dropdown list. Note that this only applies to P3D V3.2 and later. FSX still uses the USB Game Controller dialog to determine controller numbering.

Re: P3D V3.2

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:21 am
by briansmallman
Hi Russel,

Re the erratic control issue , I have also found that this seems to have been fixed in P3D 3.2 (at least on my system).

In regards to the Trim control, there is now a tick box on the under "vehicle" and "Instrument panel" for FS Force trim gauge. However in my case setting this does nothing at all - the trim works fine just like FSX mode whether set or unset in both FS Force addon's menu or the P3D Vehicle menu. I added a "TrimWheel=Joystick:3:Slider" (3 was my trim wheel number from P3D) line in the config file but made no difference.

Brian S

Re: P3D V3.2

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:36 am
by briansmallman
After further playing around and correctly configuring my axis in the FSForce cfg file the FS trim gauge box now works! interestingly it actually sets the tick in the Vehicle/instruments section of P3D so I am guessing it is operating just the same as the FS Force section in the addons area.

Anyway all works just fine now.