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Wow, I'm really impressed -- reported the bug last night and this morning it was fixed AND released!



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     SimConnect Log file

If you are experiencing problems using FS Force, you may be asked by technical support to provide a copy of your SimConnect log file to help diagnose the problem.  This log file is not produced by default.  Follow these steps to configure your system to produce a SimConnect log file.

  1. Locate your SimConnect.ini file.  Under Windows XP, this file is can be found in "My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files" .  Under Windows Vista, it can be found in "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files" .  If you do not have this file, go to step 3.  

  2. Open SimConnect.ini in your text editor of choice, and look for a line that says file=c:\<path>\simconnect.log.  Make sure the line does NOT start with a semi-colon (;), then edit the path to point to a folder that's convenient for you.  

  3. If you do not have a SimConnect.ini file, create one in the appropriate folder (see step 1) using any text editor and enter the following lines :


Edit the "file= ... " line to point to a folder that is convenient for you.

  1. Start FSX and do whatever you need to do to reproduce the errors you are experiencing.  As soon as the error has occurred, shut down FSX and send the SimConnect.log file to the support email address above.

Customer Feedback

Just a quick note of thanks for this amazing little piece of software.  The thing works, and how!!  I have a MS FF2 that was a spastic, limp, lump of plastic until now.  The customer support is incredible - my wife deleted my activation code, and it was re-sent within minutes of my requesting a duplicate. Amazing.  Software that works, first time ... good customer support...



     FS Force Log File

FS Force can also be configured to produce it's own log file.  Follow these steps : 

  1. Locate the file FSForce.cfg.  Under WinXP, this file can be found under "C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\FS Force".  Under Vista, it can be found under "C:\ProgramData\FS Force".   

  2. Open this file using any text editor.  Under the [General] section add "Errorlevel=1".  (Setting it to 0 turns logging off.). The log file is saved in the same folder as FSForce.cfg.



Force Feedback Diagnostic Program

This is a small utility program you can download to test the force feedback capabilities of your joystick.  If FS Force doesn't seem to be working properly, you can use this utility to test your joystick, which can be helpful in determining if the problem is with FS Force, your system, or your joystick.


Download : ForceTest.exe  (108 KB)






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