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Post by gderreck » Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:55 pm


I understand that you are looking at an update to the software. It really should be a paid upgrade. We've been getting off free for quite awhile, with the exception of the P3D upgrade, which was almost free.

I do have 2 suggestions for the new version. In a previous post, you viewed my hapless efforts to figure out why my trim gauge didn't work. OK. I removed all assignments for trim from FSUIPC. I had already removed them from P3D.

I have a profile for fly by wire aircraft. Currently I am using Aerosoft's Airbus. However, I believe the 777 that PMDG is porting over to P3D is fly by wire, as may be a number of other aircraft. I mean the Avro Arrow simulation is fly by wire (as was the real thing), and I believe it also had force feedback! OK, I digress. I intend to leave all trim assigned to FSForce. I did not have FSForce trim assigned to fly by wire, as there is, as far as I know, no trim feedback in the Airbus joystick. I assigned it to FSX. Given that I am assigning my trim controller to FSForce for all aircraft, that means I either feel the at rest position of my joystick move, or I set trim with the mouse. This is given the fact that if I assign trim to FSX for a plane, FSForce trim goes quiet. In the absence of any trim assignment, it's mouse or nothing.

Oh yeah...a suggestion! Would it be possible, in the next version to have a profile option where FSForce would set the trim, but there would be no sensation of re centering the joystick.

Second suggestion. On aircraft such as the Airbus, there is constant centering force on the joystick. I set the ailerons and rudder to move to the predetermined centering force immediately on the graph. It just never feels as though that happens. Also, it seems that if the full centering force is set at too low a speed, sometimes the joystick starts to jerk all over the place during takeoff and FS Force has to be reinitialized. Would it be possible to have a profile option where The centering force is consistent, regardless of speed?

There it is. Please forgive the over long post. Looking forward to the new version.

Best of the season,

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