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Trim Wheel

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:45 pm
by gderreck
As you will have gathered from the rather verbose posts I made on your forum, I have a Saitek trim wheel. Excellent companion for FS Force. There is a flaw either in the wheel itself or the driver, that causes the controller to drop out on first use, when Windows is started. If I remember to roll the wheel when Windows starts, the controller drops out and restarts. However, if I do so in P3D, FS Force loses the trim wheel. Reinitializing and/or restarting FS Force does not reestablish contact with the controller. The only solution is to restart P3D.

This is FYI, in case this is happening to any other users. It is not an FS Force issue. Hopefully MadKatz will come up with a solution.