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Almost Sold

Post by darrent » Tue Dec 30, 2003 2:54 pm

Well, i have been testing this addon with the PMDG 737, all hand flying and am almost sold.

First problem .... after installing my ff2 i forgot to turn off the force in fs 2004.

Pitch is modeled beautifly , the trim makes the planes wonderful to fly, i really dont know how i lived without it.

Aileron.... well was still getting some slaps from side to side and sometimes had no control response from ailerons (makes for a intersting ILS approach ) I think i have solved that by removing all the null zones in FS2004. Fingers crossed.

I have been making my own forces and feel that i am starting to enjoy having this addon.

Only issues,

I am still setting it up to see if i like it enough to buy it.. 10 uses is a bit too little to really get the idea.

Price is a little of a concern..but i think that once i get it set up right i wont want to fly again without it.

Then again, it is the best Force feedback i have ever used, i put my joystick away only a few days after i bought it cause i was not impressed. this addon has made me get it out again, and i really am thinking about force again :)



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