FS Force




  1. First ensure that no copies of Flight Simulator are running. Also be sure that you are logged into Windows as a user with administrator privileges.  

  2. Download and run the setup executable.  A Setup Wizard will guide you through the necessary steps.

  3. After you complete the setup wizard, you should run the Profile Manager to assign profiles and set your launch options.  See Getting Started for more information.

The Setup program will also create a file called FSForce.cfg and a folder called GroundOps. If you're running Windows XP, these will be placed in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FS Force.  If you are running Windows Vista or later, these will be placed in C:\ProgramData\FS Force.



  1. Use Add / Remove Programs from the Control Panel.  

  2. You can also uninstall from the Start menu program group.

  3. If you wish to save any of your profiles, make a copy of FSForce.cfg before uninstalling.



When you first install FS Force, it will be in demo mode, wherein the force feedback effects will only be active in the airspace around Seattle (KSEA).  In addition, flights are limited to 30 minutes in duration, after which FS Force will disable itself.  The exact dimensions of the demo area are : north to the Canada / US border, south down to latitude 47 degrees, east to 124 degrees longitude and west to 121.5 degrees longitude.  This allows flights from several major airports (Seattle, Victoria BC, Whidbey Island Naval Base), and many small airports. 








FS Force