FS Force is an add-on module for Microsoft* Flight Simulator that provides realistic control loading and dynamic force feedback effects in response to your current operating conditions.  On the ground, you'll feel bumps, dips, pavement grooves, braking forces, hard landings and more. In the air, you'll feel realistic trim forces, and centering forces that vary with airspeed. You can also add friction and damping to the flight controls to further enhance realism.  Each airplane can have it's own force feedback profile, and all forces are optional and fully customizable.  Your force feedback experience can be as subtle or intensive as you like.

Version 2.0 has been completely reprogrammed to take advantage of SimConnect, a new feature of FSX.  FSX-SE, P3D and FSW are also supported.  Version 1.0 is still available for those using FS8 / FS9.


For support, please visit www.fs-force.com/support.php.




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